Start earning money TODAY
for all your extra or surplus diabetes-related medical supplies & equipment.

Our goal is to find people like you that have extra test strips, meters and lancets and don't know what to do with them.

We buy these extra strips, meters and lancets and get them to Diabetics that have lost their jobs, don't have insurance, or just cannot afford to buy them.
Steps to Get Paid! Simply Follow These Steps to Get Paid!
  1. Get all your extra supplies together.
  2. Verify all the expiration dates to ensure no boxes are expired. (we do not purchase expired test strips or strips expiring within the next 30 days) For those strips expiring within the next 60 days, we will pay you 50% of the listed price on our website.
  3. We will gladly return any boxes damaged or not purchased at senders expense.
  4. Inspect all your boxes to ensure they are in good condition: all products must be sealed in original box, have not been opened, damaged, or have had the label torn off.  We professionally remove the labels when we receive them so as to not damage the box. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE LABEL YOURSELF.
  5. Take a look at our Price List page to see how much we will pay you per box. (Be sure to review the brands we do not purchase).
  6. Pack all the boxes you are selling in a sturdy, secure box.  The Priority Mail boxes at the post office are a great box to use, they are free, and they provide a tracking number.
  7. Fill out our Form and you will receive a confirmation offer as this will serve as a pre-receipt so we know how many boxes you are mailing and we can email you with the amount you will get paid once we receive the boxes and the shipping instructions.
  8. Once we receive the boxes, we inspect the boxes and confirm the type/amount of strips, give you a call to confirm receipt and find out your preferred method of payment:  PAYPAL or Mail a Money Order to you. WE ALSO REIMBURSE SHIPPING:  We pay up to $5 for 5-10 boxes; up to $10 for 11-20 boxes; up to $15 for more than 20 boxes.

    Fill out this form and get Paid FAST!

If you have any questions you can call us at 1-800-469-8491 ext. 1086 8AM to 8PM EST Monday - Saturday or 
go to our Contact Us page and submit your questions.